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JUNE 6, 2020

Singing Set Free
(worship) LIVESTREAM

A Livestream workshop to help you sing higher without strain and lead with authority
ONLY $99!
A 5-hour livestream event
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Saturday, June 6, 2020, 10:00AM
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  • How do I nail every high note?
  • What can I do to get people to sing with me?
  • How should I approach songs that aren’t in my favorite key?
  • How do I last through multiple services?
  • How do I pick harmony parts?
  • How do I ease strain?
  • What technique should I use to open up my range?
  • Why should I never “open my throat”?
  • How do I prevent nervousness?
  • What is the secret to singing octave jumps?

What Do You Get With the Livestream?
5 Hours of Interactive Coaching With Sophie Shear

+ A Personalized Vocal Assessment Video

The Days Before: What’s my starting point? Sophie will give you an initial homework assignment to complete on your own time and submit by a certain date. She’ll use this to record a personal assessment video for you about your voice.

Livestream - First Hour: How do you make anything you sing feel easier and sound even better? Sophie will improve your pitch, range, and stamina right away. What 2 things does your voice need to stay strong through every service?

Second Hour: How do you sing with soul and emotion, compelling people to sing with you? Sophie talks about the FEEL of your voice. This is where most singers get lost. Your singing can actually be “too perfect”! How to incorporate your story into your voice when leading worship.

Third Hour: How do you scientifically prevent nervousness? Sophie will share her process for creating always-there confidence. With these few tricks, she’ll outline how to create predictability in your singing. It’s the key to being the singer that never has to think twice.

Fourth Hour: How do you sing amazing harmonies? Sophie will show you how to play a strong supporting role, pick out the right parts, and blend in appropriately to stay on pitch.

Fifth Hour: How do you tie it all together? After completing additional homework assignments during class, Sophie will choose a few singers to work through a song. With quick demonstrations, she will show you how to make tweaks to any song that will earn you influence.


10 am CDT - Morning Session Begins

1pm CDT - Lunch Break

2 pm CDT - Afternoon Session Begins

4 pm CDT - Livestream Ends (replay available for 48 hrs)


Will this be recorded?
Yes. The day after the class, we’ll send registrants the replay so you can catch up on anything you missed, or re-watch at your own pace. The replay will be available for a few days after we send it.

Can I share my access with friends?
A registration is valid for only one user, since each registrant gets their own personalized feedback video from Sophie. If you want your friends to experience it too, send them to singingsetfree.com.

Will Sophie hear me sing live?
Sophie will hear ALL class participants sing in the days before the livestream, and in the homework after. She will choose a few singers to work on a song during the class and get feedback from her and their peers. After the livestream, everyone will get a personal feedback video from Sophie.

What are all the topics Sophie will teach on during the class?
- Finding/developing mix voice
- How to control pitch
- Singing higher without strain
- Using all 3 vocal registers
- Stylizing your voice
- Developing confidence
- Finding your voice
- Placing resonance in the right spot
- Singing Harmonies
- Belting
- How to practice
- Warming up

Will this be the same as Sophie’s onsite Masterclass for worship teams?
No, this class goes much more in-depth, will be longer and much more interactive.

Will this be the same as the “Sing Anything Like a Pro” livestream?
No, this workshop is geared specifically for worship leaders. Sophie will deliver a remarkable combo of singing technique AND spiritual breakthrough.

Can I talk to someone before I register?
Yes! Our studio building is closed, so you can’t reach us by phone right now, but email us: info@sophieshear.com

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