Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Singing Set Free event for?
Worship teams, leaders, choir members, volunteers, youth band, and potential team members. (Any singer, of any age, and any experience level.)
What are the scheduling options?
This event is hosted at your church. Your turf, your team’s needs. Some churches opt for a mid-week Masterclass, others do it on a Saturday and have Sophie stay for weekend services. You can book whenever it's most convenient for the team!
What will we need to provide?
  • A space for the Masterclass, (a choir room, chapel, or worship center, depending on size.)
  • An electric piano
  • A small room with piano for private coaching sessions
  • A sound engineer
  • A table to display singing resources
  • 2 volunteers
  • Travel and accommodations for Sophie
What is the cost of the Masterclass?
The Masterclass is 2 hrs, and the rate is $1,500. Some churches charge a ticket price to help recoup costs. (In our experience, this actually helps the singers take it more seriously as well, since they have a vested interest.)
What is the rate for private sessions?
Sophie’s hourly rate for private coaching when traveling is $200, or $100 for a half-hour.
Who pays for the private sessions?
The individual typically pays for their own (if they choose to invest in a session, no pressure). The church can also sponsor any or all of their team to take a private session.
Are there other ways for team members to keep up with their vocal training if they can't book a private session?
Yes! Sophie has 2 singing programs that cover all the same tricks as her private coaching sessions do. They are available at every event, at a special discounted rate.
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