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Ever feel limited by your voice?

+  Feeling strained or tired?
+  Avoiding certain songs?
Is predicting your voice difficult?
Does it ever crack or flip?

Ever struggle with consistent power?
Trouble sounding unique in songs?
Ever get nervous to sing?
Tried lessons but didn’t improve much?

You have a message the world needs to hear, and you shouldn’t be held back with any doubt about your singing. Imagine having the perfect program that brings out the gold in your voice, and gives you the confidence to know you can handle anything. The Total Voice is a listen-and-repeat singing course with 12 audio lessons that will turn your voice into an effortless super-power that’s always there for you, strong and reliable. You’ll hit those high notes with boldness, and make your audience feel the music.

With the right singing approach, your voice will soar, your confidence will be undeniable, and your listeners will be hooked. Your singing will improve quickly, without any confusion, and you won’t do it alone… just follow the amazing lessons, and sing with the demonstrations. Your voice is about to change the world.

Take Your Voice to the Next Level, and Own the Room

“Thank you so much for creating this course!”

Artem V.
San Antonio, TX

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Sophie Shear

She’s one of the industry’s top vocal coaches, due to her brilliant method of detecting vocal issues in seconds, and creating the perfect exercise for instant results. With over 16,000 hours taught and 5,000+ singers coached, she has clients that have appeared on American Idol, XFactor, The Voice, and are signed to record labels like Big Loud, Capitol, Warner Bros., Columbia + more, with some having won CMA, Dove and even Grammy Awards.

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It’s vocal training in bite-sized chunks! (unlock 10% OFF code)

Become the singer people can’t stop listening to.

12 Audio Lessons with Career-Launching Techniques

Here’s what you get:

Lesson 1. Erasing Strain
Lesson 7. Application and Ear Training
Lesson 2. Cord Closure (Tone Clarity)
Lesson 8. Building Balance
Lesson 3. Expanding Resonance
Lesson 9. Muscle Memory
Lesson 4. Agility and Freedom
Lesson 10. Style
Lesson 5. Foundation for Power
Lesson 11. Vocal Therapy
Lesson 6. Stamina
Lesson 12. Build Your Own Vocal Workout

Anyone Can Do It and It Works for Any Singer


12 audio lessons, with all the career-launching singing secrets. Download the exercises, and click play to follow along. Take them wherever you go… your car, backstage, or the recording studio, and become the singer they won’t forget.

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Sophie Shear’s Download Lessons have helped Singers Everywhere GET SEEN AND HEARD

Here's the secret...

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What Makes The Total Voice so different?

Many singing methods are more suitable for opera singers, but they overlook the one coordination that produces more voice than the modern singer will ever need. You’ve probably heard of it, but likely feel confused about how to actually discover, build, and use THE MIXED VOICE.

First, the vocal cords have to connect, suctioning together in a vibrating motion, and you need this to happen on every note that you want to sing. (You know the feeling… you have good connection one minute, and you can sometimes push up to that note, but then it disconnects and you lose power.) Just like at the gym, you can actually train the vocal cords to avoid building up pressure, thus eliminating the strain-then-break pattern. You’ll never have to worry about cracking again.

Secondly, you need to discover the key register that’s not chest voice, and not head voice. The pharyngeal voice is a register rarely taught on, even though it’s the secret behind why some singers constantly battle with their voices while others seem to be “on” no matter what. It connects the chest and head voices together in the middle, opening up an entire third of previously unused vocal range!

Certain vocal exercises and techniques produce little to no change because they don’t illuminate a path through the middle voice. And some even cause blatant damage to the singer. But The Total Voice approach gets instant, tangible results by 1) getting -and keeping- your vocal cords connected as you sing through your entire range, and 2) giving you access to a new register that will unleash more voice. This is why the method is famous for regularly adding an octave of range within the first lesson.

The Total Voice

Male Version

Audio - 12 Lessons

Get command of your voice at your own pace as Sophie Shear takes you through the entire Total Voice method. Each lesson is in your key, with male demonstrations on every exercise. This program will help you create an instrument that you can depend on, find those notes above your break that you know are in there, and hook your listeners.

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12 Lessons w/ Sophie $1,800

The Total Voice

Female Version

Audio - 12 Lessons

Get command of your voice at your own pace as Sophie Shear takes you through the entire Total Voice method. Each lesson is in your key, with female demonstrations on every exercise. This program will help you create an instrument that you can depend on, develop a commercial edge to your tone, and become the singer they can’t forget.

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12 Lessons w/ Sophie $1,800

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