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Ever feel limited by your voice?

+  Feeling strained or tired?
+  Avoiding certain songs?
Is predicting your voice difficult?
Does it ever crack or flip?

Ever struggle with consistent power?
Trouble sounding unique in songs?
Ever get nervous to sing?
Tried lessons but didn’t improve much?

How to Book a Session

Pick your Coach

You need an instrument that you can rely on no matter the stakes. We can help, with techniques carefully chosen just for you. Choose a coach below.

Choose a Time

Schedule online instantly. Lessons are 50-minutes, and can take place through Skype, Facetime, or in-person at our Nashville studio.

Enjoy Vocal Finesse

Get the support you’ve been craving and unlock your hidden singing potential. Your listeners won’t know what hit them.

Our Coaches Know How To Take Your Singing To The Next Level


“It worked so fast. I felt the difference immediately.”


“My coach really understood me, and personalized the approach.”


“I’ll never recommend another coaching studio.”

How Private Coaching Helps

+  A proven method, personalized for you
+  Lessons are recordable (your device)
Career-launching style guidance

Simple, repeatable warmups
Years of guessing now resolved
A voice that people won’t forget

The Coaching Team

Sophie Shear

Specializes in: diagnosis, extending range – low + high, mix voice, eliminating strain, tone clarity, vocal therapy, quick fixes, nodes/nodules therapy, emotional expression, live singing, vocal producing, tour prep, vocal health, confidence building, duets, lead singers, worship leaders, Pop, Rock, Country, Blues, Musical Theater, Jazz

Single Hour

10 Sessions

10-Sessions (2 payments)

Lee Farrish

Specializes in: beginner/intermediate guitar, songwriting/song arrangement, smoothing out vocal breaks, developing and leveraging your style, building your mix voice, unleashing high notes, controlling pitch, singing live, storytelling, adding emotion, protecting vocal health, and “accompany yourself” coaching.
Genres: Pop, Rock, Country, Blues, Worship, R&B

Single Hour

10 Sessions

10-Sessions (2 payments)

Katie Colosimo

Ages 8-Adult
Specializes in: range extension, beginner/intermediate piano, songwriting/song arrangement, mastering vocal technique, performance, storytelling, prepping an audition, emotionally expressing songs, controlling pitch, expanding tone, developing style and “accompany yourself” coaching.
Genres: Pop, Country, Rock, Musical Theater, Blues, Jazz, R&B, Worship

Single Hour

10 Sessions

10-Sessions (2 payments)

2 Things Every Singer Needs

Sophie Shear

The microphone is inviting you, and the audience will be asking themselves this one question, “can you ‘bring it’?” Yes you can. And you don’t have to do it alone. Even if you can’t make it to our Nashville studio, (choose Skype or FaceTime option). Sophie will help you get complete command of your voice in record time, and become the singer no one will forget.

She’s one of the industry’s top vocal coaches, due to her brilliant method of detecting vocal issues in seconds, and creating the perfect exercise for instant results. With over 16,000 hours taught, 5,000+ singers coached, she has clients that have appeared on American Idol, XFactor, The Voice, and are signed to record labels like Big Loud, Capitol, Warner Bros., Columbia + more, with some having won CMA, Dove and even Grammy Awards.

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How to Make High Notes Easy

Lee Farrish

Lee is a master of captivating a crowd, but even more so, he’s obsessed with helping his clients do the same. Lee has been singing since he could talk, and he lives to bring clarity to confusion. With jaw-dropping “aha” moments, he will help you get the answers to singing questions that you’ve always wondered about, so your mind (and voice) can have total freedom when you sing.

He will create a personalized routine that will help you smooth out vocal breaks, sing higher more comfortably, and develop an unshakable confidence. You’ll sound better instantly, overcome years of frustration, and you won’t do it alone. Lee will help you tap into the greatest singer you’ve ever been.

How to Sing With Support

Katie Colosimo

Katie has collected all the best tricks for singing powerfully, easily, and confidently in her years of performing 5 nights a week. Katie graduated from Belmont University in Nashville, and uses her amazing vocal instincts to help her clients set their voices free, learn how to capture the crowd, and be unforgettable. She’s a supportive coach, with a perfect blend of bluntness and encouragement.

She will create a personalized process to help you develop a relationship with your voice, and therefore with the audience. She can help you break down a song, add stylistic flair, and sing easier than ever before. You’ll be comfortable, confident, and you’ll impress everyone. Katie will help you find your voice.

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