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How to Sing With (Real) Control

2020-06-25 16:50:41 by Lee Farrish

The majority of the work I do with my clients is centered around releasing tightness in their upper body when they sing. What’s interesting to me is that none of my clients have been taught to tighten their throat, but they all have to be taught how to relax. I’ve often asked myself, why is vocal tightness such an instinct? I believe the answer lies in our desire for control. We know what we want our voices to sound like, so we step in and “take charge” by pushing and squeezing the sound out. In our attempt to make things happen as quickly as possible, we choose force as our tool when we should choose rest.

It makes sense. In most everything else in life, the principle of pushing harder actually does result in more success. If I’m trying to complete the last few reps of my bench press, or if I’m competing for a job opportunity, the harder I push myself, the better my results will be.

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