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2 Ways to Enhance Any Song

2020-05-21 19:31:00 by Katie Colosimo

I meet so many singers who are searching for effective singing techniques that are... un-complicated. One time I almost threw away a song for good because it felt so uncomfortable for me. I thought “this is going to need a miracle.” Finally, I sat down and experimented with baby steps. Then my limitations changed into revelations. You’ve probably had that sinking feeling as well, BUT before you discard a song completely, try these adjustments. Sometimes the simplest tweaks can completely transform your sound and bring a sense of freedom.

  1. OPEN YOUR MOUTH. I get it… Billie Eilish and Ariana Grande make singing sound totally cool and effortless -- without enunciating. But that doesn’t work for everyone or every song. A client earlier this week said she was struggling with pitch control at the end of long notes. Watching her sing, I could immediately tell she was closing off her vowels too early. She sang the word “away,” but used a heavy dipthong at the end, (when there's two vowels in a single syllable.) By changing her “AWAY-EEEE” to a more open-jaw “AWEH,” it improved her pitch. You might not have someone watching you sing while you practice. So... grab a mirror. So many times I “think” I am exaggerating my vowel shapes and tasting the consonants. But as soon as I see myself I realize that what I’m

  2. PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR VOLUME. Are you singing too loud or too soft? Maybe both at different points of the song? I used to sing songs with this big loud sound, but it felt out of control and unbalanced throughout. Remember that volume and impact are independent of each other. When I tone down the volume on certain notes, I am able to embrace different colors and placements within my voice. Applying this to a song is simple, but it will transform a performance! I begin by humming the song as quietly as I would if there were a sleeping baby in the room. Once I am comfortable humming the song at one volume throughout, I add in the lyric line by line making sure to keep it at this same soft volume. Gradually, I increase my volume from there paying attention to when I feel my old habits start to take over. There’s so much more freedom when my power comes from control, rather than volume.

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