The Complete Vocal Primer


So Easy Anyone Can Learn

What Is The "Complete Vocal Primer"?

Complete training for your voice.

The Vocal Primer is an audio vocal training program to give you the basics of this voice-changing method. Its single-CD format makes this a convenient and easy tool for studying anywhere. Experience break-throughs in the car, or bring it with you on the road to continue expanding your vocal abilities.

It's designed to quickly deal with the most common vocal snags at first, and then expose the range, power and control that lie uncovered in your voice with continued use. As you vocalize weekly with this lesson, your understanding of the technique will equip you to "bring it!"

This program covers:

  • The one mistake even professional singers make that drains vocal energy but produces a fraction of the needed power!
  • Exercises that allow beginners and professionals alike to make rapid increases in range while decreasing strain
  • The secret to singing as high as you want in full voice! No break required.
  • The 2-minute exercise the stars use that magically adds "bite" to the tone and feels easier than before!
  • How classically-trained singers can get their natural tone back, even after years singing in head voice

Vocal Primer Options

Vocal Primer For Men
  • Gain an Octave
  • Break bad habits
  • Free yourself from tension
  • Eliminate vocal breaks
Purchase Physical Copy ($5 shipping fee)
Vocal Primer Combo
  • Increase Range
  • Break bad habits
  • Learn the 5 minute tension buster exercise
  • Build Vocal Endurance
  • Save on purchasing both
Purchase Combo Physical Copy ($5 shipping fee)
Vocal Primer For Women
  • Increase Range immediately
  • Remove your bad habits
  • No more vocal tension
  • Keep your unique sound
Purchase Physical Copy ($5 shipping fee)

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