Breathing, belting, range, power, flipping, diaphragm. Are there REAL answers to these singing issues that seem to never get resolved?

At Sophie Shear Vocal Studios, we’re addicted to the transformation. We want you to sound like you, but a more impressive side of you that they’ve never heard. That means every singer walks away with extended range, better control, more power, improved tone quality, and increased pitch accuracy, whether just starting out or an established touring artist.

The only way to walk out with these things… is to walk in the door. Or you can get coaching through Skype, and sharpen your skills without leaving your house.

Meet the Coaches

Sophie Shear
  • over 13,000 hours taught
  • As a native Nashvillian, Sophie Shear started out as a recording "session singer" at the ripe age of 8, gaining experience in a wide range of genres and styles.

    She possesses a unique and remarkable ability to “see” what’s happening inside of a voice with her ears, which makes for lightning-fast results in areas of range extension, increased power, pitch control, tone clarity, and style application. The changes are palpable. Understanding a person and communicating on their level is key to maximizing their potential, and communication is Sophie’s gift.

    Despite having coached well-known artists for over a decade…

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Vanessa Schilling
  • over 4,000 hours taught
  • Nine-year old Vanessa Schilling fell in love with singing, and at age 15 she began her studies at the Veracruz Music Conservatory in Xalapa, Mexico. After 5 years of training in opera, the native Californian continued her studies at Berklee College of music, majoring in Jazz Vocal Performance.

    Back on the West Coast, she co-founded a music school of her own, but quickly reached a fork in the road. “I was getting so frustrated. Despite the extensive vocal education, my own singing voice was limited, and also my coaching. The opera techniques just weren’t working for contemporary vocalists, so I …

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