Terms of Service

Money Back Guarantee – Refund Policy

All services, unless otherwise indicated, may be canceled within two (2) business days or 48 hours, whichever is longer, from the scheduled time of the service. Any cancelation or reschedule of the service within 48 hours or two business days of the scheduled time of service may be charged at the service providers discretion. At any time the purchaser may request a refund of unused service time. Request for a refund must be presented in written form and emailed to [email protected] If the purchaser is unsatisfied with the service received they may also request a refund for the services purchased. In this case, the request must be given in email to [email protected] and spoken to by the service provider.

We aim to give our student the best possible service and would appreciate any information to help us better our efforts. These terms apply to all refunds. Customers must notify merchant of any order discrepancy within seven (7) days from the invoice date so that we may investigate and resolve the situation accordingly.

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