Imagine completely owning your voice. Feeling like it's an effortless super-power. What would it be like to never worry if you'll hit the note? Expressing yourself in pure musical emotion without self-consciousness. Confidence that comes from knowing for certain that your voice is totally at your command, without limits or "no-go zones."

Almost all vocal limits show up as common problems and obstacles:

  • Limited Range "I sing easily up to a point, then I have to break into falsetto or just give's so frustrating! What I wouldn't give for just one more strong note!"
  • Pain or hoarseness after singing "When I power through a big song, I can feel the pain and strain. It scares me what I might be doing to my vocal cords!"
  • Weak Tone "I can sing strong sometimes, but other times my voice just feels weak or too breathy. This kills my confidence."
  • Finding a Style "I sing different songs, but I can't figure out which ones fit my voice the best. I want to sound like me, and not too trained."
  • Emotional Expression "I sing in front of people, but I don't always feel like I'm getting the song across to them. Feels like I lose them sometimes."

These problems have solutions, and I've created some programs that deal with them systematically, using simple, easy singing exercises. They work so well and so fast that almost every client gets immediate results!

Your voice should feel comfortable, confident, and sound engaging every time you sing. Download the singing lessons now, and feel stronger in seconds.

Get started with the Complete Vocal Primer - A single lesson designed as a killer warm-up or quick vocal workout. Get instant power and range with the perfect priming exercises.

Or dive deeper, with my 12-lesson Complete System: The Total Voice - You will strengthen your voice, erase strain, extend your range, enhance your unique style, and leave your audience in awe or your money back!

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The Vocal Primer - 1 Lesson
  • Prime your voice
  • Gig Warm-up
  • Spot-fix problem areas
$45 $80 Male/Female Combo
The Total Voice - 12 Lessons
  • Technique - Style - Ear Training - Vocal Therapy
  • Master your "Mix Voice"
  • Erase your "break" for good
$200 $320 Male/Female Combo
The method is simple, it’s precise. And it WORKS.
- Angel Luis
Singer/Actor - New York, NY
These exercises keep my voice healthy and protected when I’m tired and have to sing anyway. It gives me texture and tone that make my voice unique.
- Jenna Paulette
Recording Artist - Nashville, TN