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Get started with the Complete Vocal Primer - A single lesson ideal for singers just getting started or in need of a killer warmup. Instant power and range, the perfect priming exercises.

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The Vocal Primer - 1 Lesson
  • Prime your voice
  • Gig Warm-up
  • Spot-fix problem areas
$45 each $80 Combo
The Total Voice - 12 Lessons
  • Technique - Style - Ear Training - Vocal Therapy
  • Master your "Mix Voice"
  • Erase your "break" for good
$200 each $320 Combo
The method is simple, it’s precise. And it WORKS.
- Angel Luis
Singer/Actor - New York, NY
These exercises keep my voice healthy and protected when I’m tired and have to sing anyway. It gives me texture and tone that make my voice unique.
- Jenna Paulette
Recording Artist - Nashville, TN