You want to sing with a voice that matters. You're ready for even greater challenges. You know there's potential buried inside of you, bursting to escape. You're willing to do the work, but every adventure needs a trustworthy guide.

It's up to you. The microphone is inviting you, and the audience will be asking themselves this one question, "can you 'bring it'?" Your answer? YES. One thing we can promise: you don't have to do it alone. Even if you can't make it to our Nashville studio.

We understand singers. And it's our great joy to be with you on this journey. To help you develop an instrument that you can depend on… one that will never leave you hanging, and will move people every time they hear you sing.

It's our role as coaches to match your voice with the right singing techniques, so you only get the advice that's perfect for you. You'll improve quickly, without any confusion, and you won't do it alone. Let us help.


1. Choose Skype or in-person
2. Get personal feedback
3. Become the singer people can't stop listening to

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Meet the Coaches

Sophie Shear
  • over 13,000 hours taught
  • As a native Nashvillian, Sophie Shear started out as a recording "session singer" at the ripe age of 8, gaining experience in a wide range of genres and styles.

    She possesses a unique and remarkable ability to “see” what’s happening inside of a voice with her ears, which makes for lightning-fast results in areas of range extension, increased power, pitch control, tone clarity, and style application. The changes are palpable. Understanding a person and communicating on their level is key to maximizing their potential, and communication is Sophie’s gift.

    Despite having coached well-known artists for over a decade…

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Single Session
$150 Sophieper 50-minute session
  • In Nashville Studio or Skype
  • 48 hour cancellation
BUY NOW: $150
10 Session Package
$1,200for 10 sessions
  • Save 20%
BUY NOW: $1,200 PAY HALF: $600
Chris Keller
  • over 6,000 hours taught
  • Chris Keller coaches stars. With an amazing client roster and undeniable results, he will help you unleash the unforgettable singer that's always been inside.

    Through simple sounds and relaxation techniques, he helps singers take it to the next level — from beginners to touring professionals. He can help you …

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Single Session
$100 Chrisper 50-minute session
  • In Nashville studio or Skype
  • 48 hour cancellation
BUY NOW: $100
10 Session Package
$800for 10 sessions
  • Save 20%
BUY NOW: $800 PAY HALF: $400
My voice has gained flexibility, range, texture and clarity, and in turn, gained confidence. This approach is thoughtful and practical and provides instant, tangible results. I would recommend this to anybody who wants to improve.
- Jacob Klein
Singer/Songwriter - Pittsburgh, PA
The location and professionalism of this studio can only be beat by the results you’ll receive from their instructions. My life as a vocalist has been forever changed and I cannot recommend them enough.
- Alanna Royale
Recording Artist - Nashville, TN