Singers have often spent years taking voice lessons that have resulted in very little progress. Then in the course of a single lesson with the Sophie Shear Vocal Method, they suddenly "find" notes they've never been able to sing before. Though singers sometimes joke that it's "magic," it isn't at all. It's very scientific and the results are easily reproduced in singer after singer, week after week.


The Sophie Shear Vocal Method works very differently than most, and is even frowned upon in certain circles. It consists of strange, although incredibly fast-working, exercises that manipulate the physical functions responsible for producing sound. The method works automatically, tricking the voice into working correctly, so the singer often has no idea how it happened.… but they certainly will! Singers are told that noticeable progress within the very first hour is not possible. That range extension, erased strain, increased power, and better pitch take years to develop, but just ask the thousands of singers who say different. In fact, the singer is usually a little taken aback because they've made more progress than they expected, but aren't quite sure how it happened!

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ADDING RANGE: Fact or Fantasy?

Is there any way for men to actually add notes? Absolutely. But not by doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting something different to happen.

Most singers spend years trying to belt out just one more note, and when they hear another singer going into the stratosphere, they assume that the singer was "born" with that ability. Many of our clients quote their college voice teachers as saying that range can't be extended, and within the same hour, these same clients "find" notes they've never hit before.

Men, say hello to a higher, easier range, with less tension, NO vocal break, and the recognition to prove it!

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If we had to name a "most common" challenge for female singers, it would be finding a commercial tone. Ironically, if you've been exposed to classical training, you may find that sounding "natural" is even harder now than at the beginning. You might be frustrated by a "mushy" tone, even when you want to sound strong.

If you listen to any popular female singer on the radio, you'll notice that the type of tone they get is NOT the same as a standard choir singer. This is because a commercial approach to singing is less concerned with sounding "proper" and more with sounding conversational and sincere.

Can commercial tone and a powerful, natural sound be found through training? Absolutely. But it requires that a woman find her "chest" voice. That's considered a dangerous word, but fortunately, there are exercises that work quickly to make a SAFE transition between the chest and head voice.

Ladies, say hello to a higher, easier range with more power and punch, NO vocal break, and the recognition to prove it!

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...In the studio, and most likely it took several takes to get each song "just right". Now your audience will expect you to pull those songs off all in one evening, one after the other, with no glitches.

If you are like most singers, you recorded some songs that pushed your limits. You can't afford to take those "limits" with you on tour.

The Sophie Shear Vocal Method trains you into new habits that allow you maintain a firm commercial tone while NOT pushing for high notes. You will reach the high notes alright, but without the strain. You can get away with straining one evening, but over and over will bring...DAMAGE.


If you were an athlete, you wouldn't dream of competing without a good warm-up. But singers often charge onto the stage with no preparation. Sophie's warm-up routines WORK, no matter the circumstances.

After the concert is over, your vocal cords are often traumatized. This is when Sophie incorporates vocal therapy sessions that work to preserve the voice even under the demands of a tour schedule.

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Because it lasts forever once it's recorded!

Sophie Shear grew up in a musical (recording) family, so when most kids were making their money babysitting, she was singing background and "kid" vocals in studios all around Nashville. She understands full well that singing in the studio is a whole different ballgame from singing live (headphones, extra mental pressure, etc.).

Studio mics also present a unique challenge. They are super sensitive and their tone changes with proximity and direction. The studio room itself is usually sterile and un-inspiring, requiring a considerable amount of "mental game" just to pull off a good vocal performance.

And there's the fact that once you're done, it's "permanent." The slightest wobble, pitch problem, or strain will stick out like a sore thumb on a recording. Because studio time is expensive, the pressure to be frugal makes performing even more difficult!

At Sophie Shear Vocal Studios, we consider it our job to prepare you ahead of time, so that there are no surprises. You'll know what you're doing and you'll deliver a great performance with confidence. We bring our experience to bear on your studio preparation.


We also provide in-studio coaching. That's just what it sounds like: we accompany you to your recording session, providing on-the-spot advice, as well as any vocal quick-fixes, emergencies, on-site questions or demonstrations, etc.

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*We do require you to have had at least 5 or more lessons previous.

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