My voice has gained flexibility, range, texture and clarity, and in turn, gained confidence. This approach is thoughtful and practical and provides instant, tangible results. I would recommend this to anybody who wants to improve.
- Jacob Klein
Singer/Songwriter - Pittsburgh, PA
The location and professionalism of this studio can only be beat by the results you’ll receive from their instructions. My life as a vocalist has been forever changed and I cannot recommend them enough.
- Alanna Royale
Recording Artist - Nashville, TN


Singers often spend years squeezing their rear ends and hoping for the best. Or they’ve had plenty of traditional lessons that didn’t make a huge difference. Then, in the course of a single lesson at Sophie Shear Vocal Studios, they suddenly "find" notes they've never been able to sing before. Seems like "magic," but it isn't at all. It's science, and the results are easily reproduced in singer after singer, week after week.


The method works very differently than most, and is even frowned upon in certain circles. It consists of strange, although incredibly fast-working exercises that manipulate the physical functions responsible for producing quality sound. The technique works automatically, tricking the voice into higher, easier notes, with a great commercial tone.

Singers are told that range extension, increased power, less strain, and better pitch take years to develop, IF even possible. But just ask the thousands of SSVS clients who say different. Not all vocal exercises are created equal. It’s time for a different type of coaching.

ADDING RANGE: Fact or Fantasy?

Can men actually add notes to their range? Absolutely. But not by doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting something different to happen.

Most singers spend years trying to belt out just one more note, and when they hear another singer going into the stratosphere, they assume that the singer was just "born" with that ability. Many of our clients quote their college voice teachers as saying that range can't be extended, and within the same hour, these same clients "find" notes they've never hit before.

Men, say hello to a higher, easier range, with less tension, NO vocal break, and the recognition to prove it.


A common challenge for female singers is finding a radio-friendly tone. Instead, “church lady” comes out to play. The voices on the radio sound fresh and commercial, which is totally different from the standard choir singer.

A commercial approach to singing is less concerned with sounding "proper" and more with sounding conversational and sincere. The exercises are different for this kind of training, but it replaces the light, flimsy tone with a strong, powerful voice that commands attention.

Ladies, say hello to a higher, easier range with more power and punch, NO vocal break, and the recognition to prove it.


...in the recording studio, and most likely it took several takes to get it "just right". And now that it’s on the record, the audience will expect the same thing, only better, with NO glitches.

Most vocalists record some songs that push their limits. But no one can afford to take those limits with them on tour. Straining for one evening might be easy to get away with, but over and over will bring...DAMAGE.

With the right coaching, pre-show anxiety will disappear, high notes will soar, and careers will have longevity.


Our in-studio coaching is just what it sounds like: we accompany the vocalist to the recording session, providing on-the-spot advice, as well as quick vocal fixes, emergencies, on-site questions or demonstrations, etc.

In this situation, the coach caters solely to the needs of the singer, acting as a translator between the producer and vocalist. Using language and demos that the singer can understand insures a better sound, faster recording time, (saves the voice) and less pressure. Everyone needs a good team with them.

Once it’s on tape, it last forever. Let’s hope it sounds good.

Meet the Coaches

Sophie Shear
  • over 13,000 hours taught
  • As a native Nashvillian, Sophie Shear started out as a recording "session singer" at the ripe age of 8, gaining experience in a wide range of genres and styles.

    She possesses a unique and remarkable ability to “see” what’s happening inside of a voice with her ears, which makes for lightning-fast results in areas of range extension, increased power, pitch control, tone clarity, and style application. The changes are palpable. Understanding a person and communicating on their level is key to maximizing their potential, and communication is Sophie’s gift.

    Despite having coached well-known artists for over a decade…

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$150 Sophieper 50-minute session
  • In Nashville Studio or Skype
  • 48 hour cancellation
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$1,200for 10 sessions
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Vanessa Schilling
  • over 4,000 hours taught
  • Nine-year old Vanessa Schilling fell in love with singing, and at age 15 she began her studies at the Veracruz Music Conservatory in Xalapa, Mexico. After 5 years of training in opera, the native Californian continued her studies at Berklee College of music, majoring in Jazz Vocal Performance.

    Back on the West Coast, she co-founded a music school of her own, but quickly reached a fork in the road. “I was getting so frustrated. Despite the extensive vocal education, my own singing voice was limited, and also my coaching. The opera techniques just weren’t working for contemporary vocalists, so I …

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$75 Vanessaper 50-minute session
  • In Nashville studio or Skype
  • 48 hour cancellation
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$600for 10 sessions
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