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The Vocal Primer is an audio vocal training program to give you the basics of this voice-changing method. Its single-CD format makes this a convenient and easy tool for studying anywhere. We also offer digital download of the entire CD Experience break-throughs in the car, or bring it with you on the road to continue expanding your vocal abilities.

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Singers have often spent years taking voice lessons that have resulted in very little progress. Then in the course of a single lesson with the Sophie Shear Vocal Method, they suddenly "find" notes they've never been able to sing before. Though singers sometimes joke that it's "magic," it isn't at all. It's very scientific and the results are easily reproduced in singer after singer, week after week. All of this can be learned through Skype.

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This vocal method is unconventional, and it delivers unconventional results. It focuses on the tiniest of muscles… the vocal cords, applying a series of simple, effective exercises to get results fast. After all, when you get on stage, your audience will ask only one question... Can you bring it?

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